Travel Concierge Service

Women's Golf and Travel Concierge has trips all over the world. They can create
a tailored trip for your association or your ladies can join a pre-planned trip.
 Your association can earn up to $100 for each person that books a trip.

Please contact Barbara Gutstadt
Phone: 954.882.3827


Raise funds for your Association through Alliance Vendors.

The Alliance offers benefits and non-traditional fundraising options through our allied partners.

As a member of the Women's Golf Alliance your association has access to a large variety of vendors and services.

  membership Benefits

2017 Masters Tickets

The Masters is a buckets list items for almost every golfer. Through EMS your members
can purchase a ticket which includes access to a corporate hospitality venue. Your
association can earn up to $100 for each ticket sold for a championship round and
$50 for a practice round.

Please contact Keith Borgner at EMS
Phone: 706-250-5259
Or Jennifer O'Brien with the Women's South Carolina Golf Association
Phone: 843-757-4653