Who Are We?

The Women's Golf Alliance is the largest community of women golfers in the world, representing over 120,000 members. It was formed in 2009 to support state and regional golf associations to promote and grow women's golf.

Our Purpose

To increase the voice and visibility of women golfers; to enhance the member benefits and services provided by member associations; and to offer marketing, management and governance resources and tools for member associations, staff and boards of directors.

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Womens Golf Past and Future

The Women.s Golf Alliance is very fortunate to be able to work with the USGA to bring to our members a series of specific articles regarding women in golf. Rhonda Glenn, award winning golf author, has contributed a series of her women.s golf articles which will run regularly on the Women.s Golf Alliance website, www.womensgolfalliance.org.

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Alliance Referral Program

The Women's Golf Alliance members have compiled a list of approved vendors for many of the services you need as a regional Golf Association. Have a referral? Contact us to have them added. Below is an example of one of our preferred vendors.


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Rhonda Glenn Article:
Pam Barton: The Best Years Of Her Life

Pam Barton

Rarely is a golfer so talented and yet so charming, so strong of heart, that she has an emotional impact on her followers. The British champion Pamela Barton, who played on three Curtis Cup teams, served her country in World War II and died when she was 26, was just such a golfer.

Barton's career was short, brilliant and finally tragic. Her death in 1943 dealt a devastating blow to British women's golf, squelched its most popular voice and stilled its greatest inspiration.

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