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The Women’s Golf Alliance is very fortunate to be able to work with the USGA to bring to our members a series of specific articles regarding women in golf. Rhonda Glenn, award winning golf author, has contributed a series of her women’s golf articles which will run regularly on the Women’s Golf Alliance website.

Helen Hicks:
On The Early Road With Helen Hicks

Helen Hicks, a dynamic woman with a smile as big as the sun, may be largely forgotten today, more than 30 years after her death. In the 1930s, however, Hicks was the professional whom many great women players aspired to be.

Babe Zaharias, Patty Berg and even Mickey Wright can trace the roots of their trade to this stocky player from Long Island. It was Hicks (not to be confused with Betty Hicks, a fine player in her own right) who pioneered the role of what was then called, "the businesswoman golfer."

In Depression-era America, a small headline saying, "Helen Hicks is Coming to Town", could attract several hundred golf-hungry spectators. Although she was a national champion, it wasn't her skills that stirred up a crowd. It was that bright personality, the patter, and a natural warmth that pulled people in.


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